This website contains a selection of work created by Studio Bas Koopmans since 2004*. Parts of the site claim to show ‘everything’, in this case this clearly is ment as all the content of the site, rather then everything once made by the studio. Obviously.

Within the creative proces my goal is to create work in which creative direction and concepts go hand in hand with graphic design and art direction. With no deliberate field of focus, the studio usually finds itself creating steady stream of  identity-driven work that lives on the intersection of contemporary culture and commerce.

If you would like to chat about my hobbies, nerdy tendencies, why I’m partner at Unfair or pop in for coffee with stroopwafels, please get in touch.

De wittenstraat 27
1052 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Bas Koopmans 
Nuno Beijinho


Using the moniker ‘Baster’, based on the trend for bastardising one’s name. The name had nothing to do with a Turkey Baster or the Namibian ethnic group descended from European settlers and indigenous African women.

Past collaborations and clients include Anomaly, Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Converse, Frame publishers, Heineken, Into the Great Wide Open, Kulte, Melkweg, Mojo/LifeNation, MTV, Museumnacht Amsterdam, Oude Kerk, Park Books, Platform BK, Red Bull Music Academy, Sandberg Instituut, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, TivoliVredenburg, Topnotch/Universal, Van Gogh Museum, West, Wieden+Kennedy

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Photography by Roel Determijer, Elmer Driessen and Dustin Thierry.

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